Come back

Monday, September 03, 2007 , In

it's been a while since my last post. adalah semakin malas... aiyark... and alot has been going on since then. lots of ups and downs. lots of memories. lots of everything! huhu. dunno where to start. well guess i'll just list em all down for now. a summary of the most happening 4 months of my life. i think...

  • i'm doing my practical now til d end of november. no class
    > good
  • i broke up with nana
    > not so good i guess...
  • decided to change my appearance. going for a bit darker image...
    > unknown...
  • car problem... distributor rosak or sumthing. sent to along for repair...
    > not good
  • TEKAD won 1st place n best script during the konvo musical theatre comp
    > great!
  • my phone screen buat hal for d 2nd time! screen replacement = rm180
    > sucks!
  • now the down directional pad pulak buat hal... let it be for now
    > super sucks!
  • bought a new watch. ppl said it's too big for my wrist but i don't care what they said. i like it!
    > good
  • lots of things to do at work
    > not good...
  • got to know lots of new faces, especially 1st years
    > fun!
  • met aishah
    > =^.^=
  • finally got our pay from the kuktem project
    > $___$
  • went shopping like crazy!
    > good + bad. adoi...
  • watch fireworks during merdeka night
    > good
  • 3 hours drive back from cyberjaya to bangi
    > not good
  • swimming @ bagan lalang, went ice skating at sunway pyramid
    > woohoo!~
  • got lots of presents and wishes on my birthday
    > speechless^^

that's that. looking forward to a great semester! gotta get back to work... huhu