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yes, blogger is stupid! what is the point of having the 'remember me' option when u sign in when it doesn't remember u?? and i end up having to re-type my password and username, which btw the braniacs there made us use our gmail address (the FULL address with the >"<) as our username instead of a much simpler id, everytime i wanna log on to tis account. oi why u so like that aa?! that procedure alone already spoils my mood to write. hmph! =__= so now i'm currently looking into switching to either using live journal or wordpress, mainly bcoz i've heard many plus plus from the people who had used, or are still using those two services. hmm research research..

emm exam dah habis. so now i hope i can concentrate on sum stuffs that i wanted to do before. explore adobe after effects, polish n wax n kilat kilatkan my art skill (dah berkarat sgt dh... +___+), finish up some songs that i stop playing tgh2 jalan (ffx-2 eternity mmory of lghtwaves, macguyver theme OwO), and finish up this blog's design, juz to name some.

lalalalalalalalalala. xde mood to write anymore. sambung buat keje. lalalalalalalalala

i quote our first prime minister, tunku abdul rahman, on his most famous words on d day that mark our nation's independence;




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***okay, this was supposed to be a reply to nuex's blog entry about his nightmare last week. but for sum freaking reason i cant sign into my friendster account to post my comments. so im posting it here instead***

some usual intro part here. meet some familiar faces, said hi, moved on. can't remember much here

so i was in the bushes when i heard a voice calling me from behind. and as i turned around to see who it was, suddenly i was in an empty house. (nice transition effect :p) the sound came from a tv. there was a news report. turns out that people everywhere was found dead. cause of death; heart attack. that was weird... and when i turned my focus away from the news, suddenly the scene changes again. i was standing outside of a tv shop. i looked around. and people around me stared at me like one kind. there was a pause. one old man came to me and said "the number on your forehead... you're next!" o_____o; i turned to the glass window of the tv shop. i was shocked to see the number 23 glowing on my forehead! (movie: the frightenes, the number 23 @_@;)

i turned back to the old man but he disappeared. everyone was gone except for this one guy. he was covered up in a robe. he walked slowly towards me and stopped right in front of me. without a word, he raised up his right hand and rested it on my chest. suddenly my heart hurts like hell! i screamed. but he just stood there still. his hand was still on my chest. i couldn't take his hands off me. it pains alot!! i couldnt breath. my sight got darker and darker... just before i blanked, i heard a cute voice coming from a distance. "take cover!!" and then sumething exploded under the robe guy and his hand came off. i quickly fleed off the scene without even looking back to see who had saved me... (i was saved by a worm??)

i ran and ran and ran til i see a door and rushed into it. it was nuex and udin's room. (*__*) they were there so i told them what happened. suddenly sumthing banged the door. it was him! i held the door and screamed for help. unfortunate for me nuex and udin was already long gone... (baik nye kawan...) he continued to bang and slammed the door hard. and just when the door seemed like it was going to break, he stopped.

i paused for a while and opened the door. then thanks to the superb visual effects and animation team, the scene changed again to a bus stop scene. (~__~) i was like "fuh~" and there were people around me waiting for the bus. and i turned around and "AAAAAAAAAGGHHH!!!" the robe guy was right there in front of my face! (damn he's persistant! >__<) he quickly tries to grab me but i evaded his deadly palm. then we went kung-fu fighting all over the place. i took a hit and fell to the ground. the guy quickly put his hand on my chest. and like before my heart just felt like it was being squeezed tight! i cried for help.
oddly enough, a middle aged man, who looks like a salesman, (@___@;) came forward and said "if we help u he'd kill us."

and just then, out of nowhere, i figured out the villan's weakness. (macam pakai cheat pulak...) it seems that everyone who he touches ends up diying from a heart attack. but he can only kill one particular person at a time, the one with the glowing number on his/her forehead. so i (calmly...) told the salesman. and suddenly everyone's expressions changes. i cud hear sounds of knuckles breaking and foot taps everywhere. cuak muka mamat jubah tu! he lets go of me and backs away. i catch my breath for a second and stood up. then he looked me in the eye and said, "18..." and vanished into thin air...


18 wat?? oi! damn that was freaky...

Log - 22 April 2007

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tnageh haafl 12 biasc pcirniapls of aoimaintn. mcaam bloeh hfaal siikt. nuex degnan safwan ade juagk. dirnaog nak maakn atclualy. tp dr td x grk pn... laapr gak ni...
(kepada mereka yang boleh baca entry ni, tahniah! otak anda berfungsi dengan baik =p)

baru hbs mkn. sambung study balik. 12 prinsipals of animation... 12 prinsipals of animation...

terperasan sorang mamat ni pakai bj yg aku ade. igtkn aku sorng je yg ade bj tu. =p then terperasan gak sorang awek ni yg ade beg laptop yg sama ngan aku nye. haha. ttibe rs cambest je. emm nk kn sebut gak ke nuex nye phone sama ngan phone aku? @w@ haha

safwan pening kpale la pulak. dia nk balik. mamat bj sm pun dh balik. awek beg sm pun br je blah..

bjaye pujuk safwan supaye x balik. suruh dia g ambik penadol kt kreter

safwan balik gak td a little before 4. ttibe intan yg cantik (kkeejian yg tidak munasabah! >"<) datang lak dok kt tmpt safwan td. trus ilang mood nk study.sebb nak tgk intan yg cantik tu jer!!!!!! (intan keji kuasa dua!!) wakakaka! >D<

nuex ckp nk balik pulak... xbest la study sorang2... maybe balik gak kot...

nana msg >v<

intan busuk!!

nuex cam dah kemas buku. ttibe tnampak nalia tgh study sorang2. hmm dia mmg suke study sorang2. mamat tu boleh g kacau dia pulak. haih... dh sangkut kt sn la pulak. ai td nak balik sgt =p

g join nuex ngn nalia. borak2. borak2. emm lama gak x jmpa nalia. crite pasal pakwe dia lak. huhu. bile nk klua triple date ni? =D

nk off laptop dh. so what did we learned today?


7 principals of animation. XD mlm krg hafal lg 5 =p


Why did the chicken cross the road

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What The Experts Had To Say...

Kindergarten teacher:
Because it wanted to get to the otherside.

It is the nature of chickens to crossroads.

Ronald Reagan:
I forget.

Richard M. Nixon:
The chicken did not cross the road. Irepeat,the chicken did NOT cross the road.

Computer Programmer:
In order for the chicken to cross theroadsafely they would need morethan one driver to access the serverfarm, if notthey will hang in the middle of theroad.

Jerry Seinfeld:
Why does anyone cross a road? I mean,whydoesn't anyone ever think to ask"What the heck was this chicken doingwalkingaround all over the place anyway?"

Bill Gates:
I have just released the new ChickenOffice2005, which will not only crossroads, but will lay eggs, file yourimportantdocuments, and balance your checkbook.

Colonel Sanders:
I missed one?

Bill Clinton:
I've had so many chicks, I can'tremember...

Dr M:
You know, I am tired of allthis...'apa-nama'chicken-chicken bisnes...theforeign powers should stop interveningin ourdomestic affairs and justleave our chickens alone.. If theywant to...'apa nama' cross the road,they should be allowed to cross theroad...Malaysia is a democraticcountry; we let our chickens dowhatever theywant to do... as long asthey don't threaten the Malay unityand try totopple the government...and if theyplan to do so... wewon't hesitate to use theISA...

Pak Lah:
Ini semua adalah khabar anginsahaja...janganpercaya khabar - khabarangin ini semua... biasalah ini adalahtaktikpembangkang untuk memecahbelahkan perpaduan ayam-ayam semua...janganpercaya... jangan percaya...

Samy Vellu:
Ayyooyoo... belakang cerita lain kali,kita sudebikin banyak jembatan,itu ayam musti guna jembatan untuklintas itujalan lagi pun kalu itu ayammau pigi jalan-jalan, beritau samasaya juga,saya bolley buat lebbeybanyak toll........

Karam Singh Walia:
Seperti yang saudara dapat lihat,kelihatanayam-ayam itu sedang melintasjalan. Mereka bukan sahaja melintasjalan, malahmembuang najis di atasjalan dan ini adalah pencemaran yangpalinghebat di maya ini. Bapa-bapadan ibu-ibu ayam haruslah mengambilinisiatifuntuk melatih ayam-ayam agarmenahan najis sewaktu melintas jalan,sekiansaya sudahi dengan.........Ayam di jalan di lintaskan; Ayamdi reban mati tak makan.

Wan Kamarudin:
Ape kejadahnyer ini semua, KL dahjadik rebanayam, mak bapak ayam asyikmenganga saje.

Zainal Ariffin Ismail:
Ada saksi menyatakan yang mereka dapatmelihatayam-ayam ini melintasijalan-jalan di kampung ini pada waktumalam. Adayang menyatakan ayam-ayamini merupakan penyamaran jin. Dan adajugamengaitkan ia berkaitan denganperistiwa silam di kampung ini. Apakahsebenarnya maksud tersiratayam-ayam ini melintas jalan? Oleh itusayaakhiri, "Jangan biarkan hidupanda diselubungi misteri........."

haha! br bgn. trying to cheer myself up ~__~


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day after day i'm getting more and more frustrated and tired of asyik jaga hati org. penat tau! and for what? because someone once told me that we can't live in this world alone? because i thought that maybe i can forget my past, my true self, and maybe i deserve another chance? well i held on to that. i really did. and guess what, it's now starting to sound more like bullshit to me! no, it's not okay to assume that i'm fine with u bringing up the one topic that u urself already knew i'm not comfortable with. it's not okay to assume that i feel nothing doing what you know i don't like doing. and keep in mind that it's a really really bad idea to assume that i'm a goody goody who never says no! because i'm not. and do take my word for this; i can say NO! and usually when i do it won't come out like a fruitcake. i mean come on la, how ignorant can u be?! i think my expressions were pretty obvious kan? do i have to say it to your face? yeah i wish i could. i don't even know why i put up with all this things...

i juz wanna get away from everything...

miss papa, mama n nenek

sick of examination +______+

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i woke up tis morning with a running nose. and it's still going on rite now. hate this! i can't concentrate on anything today. where the heck did all this... 'liquid' comes from anyway? its like there's a leaking pipe going through my nose and i can't seem to make it stop. huhu i wish i was at home rite now. then my mom would give me this 6 ringgit pill and this flu would just stop... ... ... and suddenly i miss home...

yesterday i asked angah to torrent worms armageddon for me. and tis afternoon he buzzed me to tell me he had finished downloading the files. ^.^ *remind myself to blanje him next time* then he sent me the files thru YM. huhu slow connection today, he only managed to send me everything excpt the data folder which is 90MB! aiyark! +___+ so i had to download a demo installer and patch it up with d one that angah sent me before. it's a normal gig, also called piracy. o__O; don't try this at home kids! XD so eventually i got it right and viola, it's time to lock and load! i was so forgotten that i had a flu. haha! yea, this game brings back memories. i played with udin for a few rounds. wow i didn't know he was so good at this game. am going to practice more! kalahkan udin! >D< die... die... die...
it's almost midnite. the flu still isn't gone yet. and the paracetamol (a.k.a. penadol. my mom gave it to me. it's in a capsule form and it's pink in colour. hahaha! XD) that i took after dinner just now has starting to make me feel drowsy... and i have a paper on wednesday. hmm... sleep early, wake up early, study early. sounds like a plan to me. @w@

nity nite...

ps: tq nana for the chocolate bar! luv u~

I Love You

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thru laughter
Thru tears
Thru all sorts of smile + fear
We are still together
And now... I am clear
of wat I'm after
wif the things I prefer
The pleasure of having you
The excitement of being around you
The suffering
The pain
of being away from you
Enuff to make my heart says,
"I Love You"

Groovy baby. It's almost the weekend!

Friday, April 13, 2007

and it's almost exam week! @____@; yesterday br je habis public speaking nye presentation. God was i nervous! tp kira ok sket la (banyak kot >D<) compared to ms mock up presentation last week. ms tu seriously my hands was shaking like a blender bila nk start main keyboard. so of course la bila main je telah tersalah key sebanyak 312,670,009 kali! (tu br lagu intro T___T. lagu Hujan by adibah noor) tengok2 smalam last minute x main lagu tu. i switched it with a more familiar song; keranamu kekasih - lagu pgl d musical. hohoho! @w@ thanks intan sbb bg inspirasi utk main lagu tu. haha!

nyways, i think my speech was kinda fast... due to my nervousness... 4 da intro i played the piano tune which-i-dont-know-the-name from superman returns. lari tune sket. haha! nasib baik pandai cover... +____+ then tgh2 i played fruit candy from card captor sakura and hurt by christina aguilera. both lari tune sket tp still dapat cover... again +____+ and for the closing curtain i played keranamu kekasih. tu mmg seryes last minute nye decision. nampak je muka intan yg dok kt front row tu automatik je ter main lagu tu. if i played the hujan song gerenti akan sangkut nye! @__@; but at last dapat gak habiskn presentation tu dgn jayanya. what a relief! siap dpt compliment frm examiner tu lagi! XD

kol 8 jp lg ade 1 lg presentation 4 my web programming subject. cant wait to get it over with. not juz to get it done, but so that i'll b done with that particular group. (not) sorry to say i dont like this group very much. especially this nisa girl. tersangat obnoxious! aloo... u want to boss people around but u urself cant do ur part right. and it feels great everytime things dont go YOUR way. and it feels great to see ur face when i condammed ur ideas and everyone else agrees with me. go rot in wherever for all i care! =__= and adibah... ... ... sure. ur a very nice person. but too nice for ur own good. u cant let other people boss u around like that. come on! u were a candidate for the univ election last year kan? stand up for urself! sorry. i dont hv anything against u or nything. cuma kadang2 kesian gak... and last but not least; pan. well at least u'r fun to work with. lalalalala


nk g sambung buat keje...

ps: nak cadbury dairy chocolate! T___T

R E V A M P E D !

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

wow! it's been almost 2 years since my last post. i used to write on my friendster blog. but since sumone hacked into my acc and erase my blog, i cudnt make a new one there. fed up of trying i decided to come back here instead. hooray...

yerp. new layout design featuring Yotsuba. love the manga. =3

still doing the design. i'll put up something on the sidebar later.