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my cube @w@

Quickie : Joomla! 1.5 Template Training

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today i'm teaching template training to a client. supposedly there shud be 3 of them, but only one showed up. it's currently lunch break, so i juz post up a quickie here. the client, kak sha, from jkm, likes to talk alot. the morning session wasnt boring thanks to her stories about her works and family. i enjoyed her story very much ^^

yeah, got to get back to work. chiao!

Nuu Leyaout~~!! ^O^

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yaeahh!! finally got off my lazy bump to get on blogging again. i think tis is a gud way for me to release tention a bit; all the workloads here at the office, my upcoming exam, love life, bwahh~~!! and it's always gud to have a cozy little corner juz for urself rite?

yea like the title sez, this is a new blog design. i didnt make this myself tho (the past *ehem*self-made*ehem* layout turns out to be the reason i stopped blogging at the first place. cudnt get the side column to align right...). took me quite some time to look for a template that i really like, and i finally found this unique looking design. the bright orange-red and just pinch of blue really pulled me into the design. and i managed to get my chat box to match the colour of the entire site too!^^

if u've been here before, u'll also notice that the blog's name had also been changed. somehow 'enjoy everything' doesn't quite fit this template, altho i really like that name for a blog. so i decided to juz put my name as the blog title (with a little twist, of course =w=)

well i'll be looking forward to a new chapter in my life n hope to post as much as i can here.