Makcik katak force me to post this >.<

Friday, November 02, 2007 , In

1. what is your nickname?
tom, rudz, en panda. haha!

2. Name someone with the same birthday as you:
chang kan lim. 1985 :D

3. when was your last kiss?
my lips is still a virgin :p

4. For or against same sex marriage?

7. do you believe in God?
i do

8. how many of the states have you been to?
all of them

9 . how many of the states have youlived in?
7. sabah, melaka, johor, perak, pahang, selangor,

10. have you ever lived outside malaysia?
nope. mlancong je ade la

11. name something you like physicallyabout yourself:
my ears. and it's not small!! >__<

12. name something non physical youlike about yourself:
my... charm? ahahaha! XD

13. what is the current rumortraveling around about someone?
bung kancil raye kt indonesia... @__@

14 . what is your dream car?
BMW. any model is fine, as long as it's a BM

15. if you could go anywhere in theworld, where would you go?

16. have you ever had someone of theopposite sex over at your house whileyour parents were gone?
yes. my classmate. and it was daytime, mind u :p

17. how many concerts have you goneto?<

18. do you download music?
yes. guilty, jz like the other 6 billion ppl on this planet..

19. how many illegal things have youdone?
>10 o__O

20. where would you go on a first date?
watch movies, take-away dinner, eat sumplace nice

21. Would you date the person who posted this:
posted what? this survey? yes. which means i'll b
dating myself rite?

22. has anyone ever sang or played foryou personally?

23. ever kissed under fireworks?
never been kissed :p

24 . Do you like president Bush?
did u know wat his name stands for? Bu(ll)sh(it)

25. have you ever bungee jumped?
no. sangat nak!!

27. have you ever crashed a car?
yes. twice >.<

28. have u ever hit on anyonene more than 10 years younger/older than you?

29. have you met a real redneck?
redneck, no. redhair, yes

30. are you interested in anyone rightnow?
YES!! >v<

31 . what song are you listening toright now?
rockstar - nickelback

32. what is your current favorite song?
clumsy - fergie

33. what was the last movie youwatched?
snakes on a plane. ttido...

34. who was the last person that toldyou they love you?
d same person whom i told tat i love her :)

35. where was the last place you wentbesides your house?
masjid mmu

36. have you ever seriously vandalizedsomeon e elses property?

37. ever hit someone of the oppositesex?
pukulan manja XD XD

39. whats the first thing you noticeabout the opposite sex?
face. kot.

40. what turns you on?
d switch bhind my head tat says 'ON'

41. what do you usually order fromstarbucks?
Chocolate Chip Frappuccino. everytime! X3

42. what is one of your sexual fantasies?
i don't c where tis question is going...

44. tell something totally weird about yourself:
i eat serbuk milo? @__@

45. do you have an i-pod?
no. still wishing for one..

46. has anyone ever said you lookedlike a celebrity?
yes! makcik kantin kt skolah said tat i look like kaer. ahahaha!

47. do you still watch kiddy movies ortv show?

48. do you have braces?no

49. are you comfortable with yourheight?
i'm too skinny fer my height. hv to eat more >.<

51. when do you know its love?
when u'r torturing urself over nuthing for her. huhu...

52. do you speak any other languagesbesides English?
i can speak in >10 different languages, tho
only one word from each XD

53. what kind of beverage do you enjoywhile out?
soft drinks, juice

54. what magazines do you read?
used to read gempak, starz, galaxie, lime, klue

55. have you ever ridden in a limo?no

56. has anyone you were close withpassed away?

58. whats something that really annoysyou?

59. what's something you really like?
MAC OSX 10.5!! T ^ T

60. do you like Michael Jackson?
his music, yes