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Folder design for my company's training centre.


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"being imperfect is just being human"

Ever heard of that phrase before? u may heard it on a different language maybe.

"manusia memang x sempurna"

oh really? you think so? humans are imperfect? seriously? you're shitting me right? well tell us something we don't know! to me that's just a crappy excuse that people say when they did something wrong or made a mistake or didn't do their job the way that they're supposed to do. Lame excuse, that's all there is to it. Why don't u just admit that you fucked up and we can all move on with our imperfect life.

So why does people give excuses? Because it makes them think that what they did was rational, in their own mind, and to help them cope with their inability to accomplish something. say for example one day your alarm clock's battery went dry, so u overslept and woke up late to work. Then u got caught in a traffic jam because u got out of your house late, and u can't find a parking spot because u arrived late at your office building and the parking spot has all been taken. So u had to park your car somewhere else and had to walk back to your office. U told your boss about the experience and clearly it wasn't your fault. If your alarm clock had been working u would not have been late to work. So it was your alarm clock that's at fault, or rather it was the battery's fault for drying up that morning. Yes! It was the battery's fault! But what do u know? Your boss doesn't gives a shit who's fault it is! The fact is that you're late to work. Whatever you told him was just another lame excuse for you not coming in on time. So save it!

Instead of giving excuses, you should motivate yourself to achieve your goals. Desire and commitment, these are the things u need to have to keep you moving forward. Know what you want and go for it!

iPhone 3G [S] - S**T i want this! >____<

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