My Wish List

Thursday, September 02, 2010 , In , ,

Here is my birthday wish list for 2010. 
(Since nobody will get me any of these, I've decided to buy myself my own present~)

  1. Nikon D90 Kit Lens Set with 50mm 1.4f*by end of 2010*
  2. Apple Macbook Pro 13" *by end of 2010*
  3. Top Man Leather Hooded Jacket *gegegege....*
  4. Mira L5 JB-JL Turbo with Automatic Transmission *by end of 2010*
  5. BUILT Backpack RD Computer Laptop Bag 058 *sigh...*
  6. Apple iPhone 4 *waiting for next fix*
  7. Western Digital Mybook 1TB  *after (or if) I get a Macbook*
  8. Wacom Intuos 3 A6 *if I can't find my old Wacom... T^T*
  9. Apple iPod Touch *if I don't get the iPhone*
  10. Samsung Galaxy S*waiting for review from kak Azx*
If wishes were ponies...

*how geekier can I get? >.<*